The establishment of Delphis marked the beginning of an ambitious endeavor in the souvenirs’ and traditional folklore products’ market.

Our activities started on 2011 at Rethymno, Crete. Our experience has been the guarantee for a successful start and a stable course of the company in the Greek market.

Our target is to supply the souvenirs’ retailers with hand-made products of unique beauty.

We stay in touch and collaborate with the best Artists, Producers and Craftsmen, in order to supply our clients with unique artefacts, of high merchantability

The carefully planned exhibition enables us to promptly meeting the needs of our clients. Our greatest qualification is that we continuously seek for new products, in order to expand our collection.

Our future plans for Delphis is to become an authority in its field, establishing a significant market share, and expand its activities in markets abroad

To achieve our target we had the following:

  • New website, which contains information about the company, its products and will act as e-shop.
  • Staff recruitment with experience in this field and continuous training in order to improve the structure of the company and the customer service.
  • Participation in Sector Fairs in Greece and abroad.