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HEPO Agreement

By Wednesday October 18th, 2006September 19th, 2016Actions

New dynamic cooperation for the promotion of Cretan products


A  new  agreement  of  collaboration  for  the integral  projection  and  promotion  of  the  Cretan  products abroad was signed last week by the President of the  Exporters’ Association of Crete, Mr. Alkiviades Kalabokis and the Managing  Director of  the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO), Mr. Panagiotis Drosos. With  this agreement  the  promoting  strategy  for exporting  the  Cretan  products  becomes  part  of  the  wider  National  strategy.

More analytically, the  cooperation  between  the  two institutions includes the  realization  of  common  actions  dealing  with  the  “Kerasma”  initiative, a  complete  course  of  tasting events  and  parallel  actions  which  will utilize properly  the  tourist infrastructure of  Crete  and  its  products. Within  the  promoting  strategy  of  the  Cretan  exports  for  their strengthening in the International  markets lies the  establishment  of  the  authentic  Cretan  cuisine  at  the  restaurants  and  hotels  of  Crete. The  aim  of  this  strategy  is  the  advertisement  of  our  products  abroad  by  taking  advantage  of  the  strong  tourist stream towards  Crete.

The significant  actions of promotion the  Cretan  diet  via  “Kerasma”  along  with  a  dynamic  exhibition  program  will  contribute  to  the  further  development  of  the  acknowledgment of  the identity and the beneficial effects of the Cretan. The  next  target  is  the  realization of an international “Kerasma” Conference on Crete  by inviting  potential  buyers  from  all  over  the  world  in  order  for  them  to  have  direct contact with Cretan exporters-producers, having as  keystones  the enhancement of  the Cretan diet’s  particularities and its more complete projection through  tourism.

It  was  also  agreed  that Exporters’ Association of Crete should  reopen  the  regional HEPO office on Crete in order  to jointly take  further initiatives to help  strengthen  the  extroversion, the  increase  of  the  exports  and  the  promotion  of  the  Greek  products  and  especially  the  Cretan  ones, as  well  as  to  put  into  practice  a  strategy  of  export  development  on  an  International  level  and  push  forward  business  initiatives  and  methods  that  create  successful  exporting  enterprises.

Finally, it  should  be  mentioned  that  the  Exporters’  Association  of  Crete  in  collaboration  with HEPO is  strongly  present  at  the  International  SIAL  Fair  2006  in Paris 22-26 October, one of the biggest exhibitions of  foods and drinks  worldwide  which  is  expected  to have  direct benefits for the  projection  and  promotion  of  the  Cretan  products  abroad. The participation of the Exporters’ Association of Crete in  SIAL  2006  gives to the  Cretan  enterprises once again the  possibility  to  participate  in  this  fair  in a coordinated form, under  the  umbrella  “Region  of  Crete”  in  a  big, functional, aesthetic stand.

With  this  specific fair begins a  strong  two-year exhibition  plan  that  is  included  in Measure  4.3  of  the  Ministry  of  Agricultural  Development  the  coordination  of  which  is  by  the Exporters’  Association  of  Crete  in  collaboration  with  HEPO, the  Chambers  of  the  island  and  an  important  number  of  Cretan  businesses.

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