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The  Exporters’  Association  of  Crete, a  Legal  Entity  of  Private Law– of  non profit  character, was  founded  in  December  1994, by  the  initiative  of  the  businessmen  and  exporters  of  Crete  with  the  collaboration  and  support  of  the  Region of Crete, the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO), the  Exporters’ Association  of  Northern Greece (S.E.V.E.) and the Chambers of Crete. Its action and  work  are acknowledged  by  all  the  authorities that  are  active  in  the sector  of export  trade. Today, 160 Cretan exporting businesses are its members, which are active in the sectors of Foods & Beverage, Industrial products, Agricultural products- Alteration and Popular Art.

Since  April  1995 the  Association  has  been  taking  further  steps,  the  most  important  of  which  include participation of the Association in domestic and  international events, business delegations around the world, co-organizing of  meetings, exhibitions and conventions, as well  as  the materialization of  INTERREG II & III Programs and Measure 4.3 of the Ministry of Rural Development  and  Foods – Promotion of Exports.

During  this  passing  period  significant  efforts  have  been  made  for  the  improvement  of  the  total  services of  the  Exporters’ Association  of  Crete  and for the  expansion  of  its  activities’ spectrum. The starting point of our effort was the successful outcome of the works of the Pan-Cretan Export Pre-Convention. Businessmen and  experts  in  the  field of  export trade  presented  the  achievements  and  the  problems  of  their  enterprises  and  pointed  out  the  imperative  need  for  the  existence  of  this  coordinated  effort  on  behalf  of  all  the  exporters, and furthermore  of  all  the authoritiesrelated to export  trade, in order  to  promote  the sector so as to help  the  Cretan  products  gain  the  value, the  fame  and  the reconcilability they deserve among the rest of the  international  competition products.

The  Exporters’  Association of  Crete  tries  to establish its own mark through  informative actions for its members, actions that deal with exhibitions, daily events, conferences, request bills for products by foreign countries, and also through the support of  its  members  who  wish  to participate in international events sponsored by the Association.

In  an  environment of  high demands and  intense  antagonism  we  secure  the  presence  and  the  promotion  of  our  products to the  international  markets  and  we  continue  our  effort  dynamically  to reinforce the  extroversion  of  the Cretan  enterprises  and  support their  exportable  capability.



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