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Awarding Li Chenggui

By Monday July 10th, 2006September 19th, 2016Actions

The  Exporters’  Association  of  Crete  awarded  the  distinguished  Chinese  journalist  Li  Chenggui  within  the  framework of  an  event  that  was  organized on  his  honor,  by  the  Municipality  of Nikos Kazantzakis,  on  Monday the 10th of  July  2006. The  event  took  place at  the  Conference  room  of  the  Cretan  Literature  Center  in  Mirtia  at  22.00 hours, within the context of the events of the  “Kazantzakia 2006”.

Mr. Li  Chenggui, who translated  Nikos  Kazantzakis’ novel  “Life and Conduct of Alexis  Zorbas  into  Chinese, has offered  a  great  deal  apart  from  helping  in  the  spread  of  our culture in his country and  to our exporting  trade, by  advertising  the  Cretan  products  in  his articles  and  attracting  his  readers’ attention  to  the  goods  of  our  land. For  this  reason  as  well  as  for  his  valuable  contribution  to  our  land  the Exporters’ Association of Crete awarded  the Philhellene journalist  symbolically in a modest  event organized by the Municipality of Nikos  Kazantzakis.

The  main  speakers  of  the  event  were  Mrs. Kleopatra  Prifti, President  of  the  Hellenic Society  “Friends  of  Nikos  Kazantzakis”  and  the  distinguished  journalist  Mr. Nikos  Psillakis. The  President  of  the  Exporters’ Association  of  Crete  Mr. Alkiviades  Kalabokis  handed  over  the  honorary  plaque.

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