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Cretan diet and Mediterranean types of cheese

By Sunday February 11th, 2007September 19th, 2016Actions

A  seminar with subject “The  Cretan  diet  and  the  Mediterranean types  of  cheese” was organized in Hiroshima, Japan by the Japanese company “FERMIER” which imports and trades high quality types of cheese in collaboration with the “NOSTIMIA CO. LTD” an  import  company of traditional Greek products  in  Japan.

One hundred and twenty (120) professionals from the food industry and  journalists  attended  the  seminar which was  held on  the  15th of  July, as  it  was  the  result  of  the visit that was made last month, after the Exporters’ Association of Crete and  “KRIARAS SA Company – CRETALAT” accepted the invitation of  Mr. Thanasis  Fragis, owner of “NOSTIMIA CO Ltd”, and of Mrs. Rumiko Honma, an internationally distinguished taster from Japan and owner of “FERMIER”. The seminar focused on the Greek feta cheese and on the Cretan gruyere (graviera) and hard cheese as well as on cheese from France, Italy and Spain.

“Mrs. Honma is enchanted by Greece” said Mr. Fragis. “Our  company  supports  her  effort  to  establish  firstly  the  Feta  cheese  and  the other types of cheese  from  Crete, and  then  the  cheeses  from  the  rest  of  Greece. This  seminar,  in  which  Mrs. Honma  was  the  main  speaker, is  the  first  of  a  number  of  events  we  have  scheduled  so  as  to  help  the  Japanese  familiarize  themselves  with  the  quality  supremacy  of  the Greek  cheese’’. During  the  seminar  videos  and  slides  from  the  visit  to  Greece  were  shown  and then there was  a  gustative trial of  Cretan  cheese, offered  by  the  KRIARAS SA, the  Biological  Lesvos  Feta  and  the  ‘’AEOLIAN  LAND  SA.’’

The  pleasant  surprise  and  the  flattering  comments  that  followed  verified  the  success  of  the seminar. Mr. Fragis  said  concluding  his  speech: “I  would  like  to  thank  the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, the  Hellenic Tourism Organization office in  Tokyo  and  the  Exporters’  Association  of  Crete  for  their  significant contribution  and  to  express  the  hope  that  they will  continue  to  do  so  in  the  future, with  the  same  excitement”.

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