Uniher S.A. is a combination of 90 years of knowledge, a network of thousands passionate cooperating producers and a pure raw material, deriving from the Cretan terroir.Key product of our portfolio is Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a true ambassador of Mediterranean Diet.

Company’s Legacy is rooted in 1927, when the Agricultural Union of Heraklion (Agrunion) was formed to promote the authenticityand high quality of Cretan Products.Today, Uniher SA is founded to maintain this Legacy. By utilizing the state of the art bottling plant in Crete and the rest of Agrunion’s facilities, with a steady pace, Uniher is building stronger relationships with the existing cooperating producers and establishing new collaborations with approved olive oil mills.

Our facilities includemultiple production lines, with annual production capacity of 45.000 tons, olive oil tanks with total capacity of 3.000 tons and a close circuit system. The advanced facilities are compiled with highly qualified personnel and a privately-owned Chemistry Laboratory, acknowledged by the International Olive Oil Council (I.O.C) and considered as one of the top labs in the whole region of Greece.

Our goal is to produce authentic Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil of remarkable quality and high nutritional values and share our “secrets” of Mediterranean diet and Cretan Gastronomywith the rest of the world.